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Web design and Android design

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20 Octobre 2015 , Rédigé par Ionasy

Programmers shoddy work may vary in development do not allow mobile apps. To extensive the catalogs of the various app stores, too big is the risk that the own app goes down in the ground. On the first page of this overview, tutorials find for app development for Android, while iOS developers will find it on the second page.

App Development for Android bloody beginners

tutorial app development appmillionaire

This tutorial goes by the name App Millionaire, is divided into four parts and covers the basics of app development for Android. The tutorial of Gizmodo is primarily aimed at beginners and starts with the basics of programming and appropriate terminology.

Tutorials for app development on YouTube

tutorial app development android beginner
On YouTube, some tutorials found for app development. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Mybringback offers on YouTube a whole collection of helpful video tutorials for beginners who want to get into the app development for Android. The ten minute video deal, among other things the installation of the development environment Eclipse and the Android SDK, introductions to XML and dealing with different media. A total of 40 videos available.

Use Example Apps for your own projects

tutorial app development android sample2

The Android SDK contains many sample apps that can be good use for it to go into the app development. This tutorial shows you how to download these apps from the Android SDK Manager and how to create a separate project in Eclipse using the sample applications and compiled.

Introduction to Android platform

tutorial app development android smashing
(Screenshot: Smashing Magazine)
With colleagues from Smashing Magazine, there is a detailed article, which offers beginners a first overview of Android as a platform. Furthermore, explains what parts is the way to finished app. This tutorial shows how to develop a scalable app, these tests and can distribute.

UI design for Android hack Apps by hackswiki.com

tutorial app development android ui
(Screenshot: netmagazine)
Even Android apps should be easy to operate and bring the necessary eye-candy. In this tutorial you learn how to aufhübschen its app with XML and image files. Among the topics discussed in this article include styling, skins and themes for the user interface.

Two ways to Android App

tutorial app development android 2ways

Unlike iOS Android is based on open source. This makes it easier for developers to create and distribute their own apps. This article illustrates two ways to customize app to - on the one hand the development using the Android Software Development Kit and on the other to work with the Google Labs tool App Inventor.

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